Join Raeeka from Blissful Life Yoga for

the 7 day Transform Your Life


Kundalini Yoga challenge

Are you ready to let go of stress, anxiety & start your blissful life?

This is a FREE CHALLENGE based on kundalini yoga that will help you get healthy, happy and feeling uplifted.

I’ve been the busy corporate worker, slaving away for over 10 years in a job that wasn’t enhancing my happiness. I’ve been at rock bottom, stressed out, feeling trapped and like I can’t allow myself the time to craft a blissful life.

Whether you’re a busy parent, corporate worker, running your own business or all of the above it can be so hard to find your way to more joy and peace in your life.

After finding and training in kundalini yoga I understand EXACTLY what you need to do to de-stress, let go of anxiety and get back on track to your best self.

Join me for this Transform Your Life with Kundalini Yoga 7 day challenge to kickstart your new beginning.

Each day I’ll pick out a kundalini yoga or meditation set for you that is designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress, bring health to your body & mind and help you feel uplifted.

Please note this challenge is FREE

and you’ll receive a free PDF explaining a specific single kundalini yoga posture to practice at home on each day plus a video training for my meditation to calm the heart, but the full length videos are part of my paid 7 day kundalini yoga challenge video training

(and as a gift I’m offering all challenge participants who sign up a 70% discount to the paid video training, so rather than paying $50 for this extensive kundalini yoga video training – you’ll pay only $15! This offer is only available for a limited period)

Immediately upon signing up you will receive guidelines on the yoga set or meditation chosen for each day throughout the challenge.

I’ll be sharing tips, inspiration and more with all participants to keep you motivated and uplifted.

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