Dear YOU,

So maybe you’ve been thinking that you’d like to try yoga and meditation. Or maybe you keep hearing about yoga and meditation but you’re not sure what they can do for you.

Here’s the lowdown, dearest! What you get from a yoga and/or meditation practice:


YOU time

You have that space once a week or every day to be yourself. No worrying about anybody else. This is all about you and your connection to your divinity and beauty. Allow it to happen. You’ll feel and be oh-so-much better for it. Don’t allow the excuses to stop you. Even if you don’t have time for a full yoga class – you have time for 3 minutes a day. Just take 3 minutes a day for some you time. Practice.


When things are going wrong, I don’t freak out like I used to. I feel that initial panic. I breathe. It passes. I move forward with whatever has happened. Yogi Bhajan (Master of Kundalini Yoga) said “Keep up and you’ll be kept up!”. Kundalini yoga builds your resilience so you can keep up when you have to. Doing a challenging arm posture for 3 minutes can translate to being able to stay calm in ways you haven’t been able to before. You have stamina for life.

  Simplify and prioritise

Kundalini yoga uses the quickest ways it can to get you to your highest self. If you need to dance, it asks you to dance. If you need to laugh, it asks you to laugh. If you need to hold a posture and chant – it asks. It uses the quickest route.

When you apply this practice to your own life – magical things happen. You stop demanding the world of yourself. You ask yourself – what do I really NEED to do? You do the things you need to do, and as many of the things you want to do as possible. It’s simple. You strip away the unnecessary and you do what calls you.

 Body confidence

Kundalini yoga works your whole body. If you practice regularly it will help you to tone your body and even lose weight. When you do a set for flexibility of the spine, you will really feel the work in the vertebrae. When you do Frog pose – you will really feel the work in the thighs. Kundalini yoga uses your body to uplift your soul.

 Experience joy

You stop worrying so much about bettering yourself. Instead you become your best self by connecting to the breath. You are grateful for what you have. You experience deep joy. You heal old scars without effort. You are blissful, bountiful and beautiful. You are a woman – a divine, spiritual being. You are a lighthouse – shining on the shore.


Go be the light of your soul. Check out my free meditation videos to help you!


Love + Light,

Raeeka xo

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