Meditation for focus and sweetness– daily meditation challenge

Shoulder shrugs and neck rolls – daily yoga pose challenge to help you relax at work

Stress set for kidneys and adrenals

Podcast with Raeeka on tips to think about work

Destress from work meditation audio

Sat Kriya Kundalini Yoga Video :: A kundalini yoga posture to practice by itself. Very powerful! This is a good one to build up the challenge with by starting with 1 minutes and continuing to build up your time gradually. It work son your lower chakras and helps to heal mental and psychological imbalances.

Calibre for Constant Self-Authority Meditation Video (11 minutes) :: A meditation that enables you to discipline yourself and value yourself.

Guided Walking Audio Meditation (30 minutes) :: This is a breathwalk meditation which is a form of kundalini yoga set but done as you are walking. You can listen to this set as a guided meditation and enjoy a roughly 30 minute walking meditation which is perfect if you want some gentle exercise and meditation combined.

Ali Godding guest expert solo podcast (12 minutes) :: This is a solo podcast with Ali Godding who is a mindfulness mentor specialising in helping women switch off after work.

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