Dearest wonderfuls,

Here in the UK it’s darker earlier in the mornings. I wake up at my usual 5.45am time + find it just that little bit more difficult to peel myself out of bed as there’s no natural light yet. The evenings are drawing in + again it’s that little bit harder to motivate myself to do things + not want to curl up with a cup of hot something + enjoy the evening closing in.

I have a lot to do. I work full time + run a business as well as a number of other projects. This gentle seasonal lethargy is always something I find myself fighting against. I need to do more + be more.

It doesn’t feel that way this year. Although I still want to be as productive as possible – I seem to want to instinctively accept the changing of the seasons here. In the same way that the lighter mornings in the summer make me excited to get out of bed, I relish that moment of deep longing to stay in bed when it’s dark. I (mostly) still get up anyway, but it’s not with resistance. If I’m tired of an evening I feel less under pressure to write the latest blog post or create content for my online community. I rest, instead, and assume it will all somehow work itself out.

I am enjoying that feeling of the proximity of Christmas that I experience every year – it’s still a while to go but I love the idea it’s coming soon. Christmas for me is hope. It’s not religious. It’s just hope + sparkles + people being more good natured than they sometimes naturally are.

I am flowing more. I am letting myself be more. Somehow, it’s working out OK.

So I’d ask you now just to take a pause + identify where you are flowing? Where are you resisting? What could you give on, to allow yourself to flow more? What does flow feel like to you?

This is an invitation to let yourself be. You never know, you might blossom.

If you like the idea of allowing yourself to be + to go within then you might be interested in the theme for my community next month: SPIRITUALITY. There’s currently an offer on the community to pay the annual subscription fee of $60 in 2 six monthly instalments. This is a real bargain + only open until the end of this month so grab it while you can now.

Love light Raeeka (1)

P.S. I would so love to see you in the online community. It’s small at the moment but it’s so beautiful seeing people share. I want to grow it so that we can all support each other to be the best versions of ourselves in the most genuine way possible.

P.P.S If you are local to Berkhamsted don’t forget to sign up for my Saturday 14th November Gong Relaxation – places are going fast!  Also taking sign ups for my 6 week Mon eve Gentle Kundalini Yoga + Relaxation course 8.30-9.30pm starting 2nd Nov – a few spots still available! Finally my Winter Warmers Kundalini Yoga course at 6.30pm on Mondays from 2nd Nov is open now to book at BAYoga Studio.

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