People ask me this a lot, so I thought I’d summarise why I’m a vegetarian:

  • I don’t want anything to suffer unnecessarily on my behalf – I can eat healthily just fine without eating another animal
  • Meat takes 72 hours to digest in your digestive system, the optimum time for good digestions 18-24 hours. This basically means if you’re eating meat regularly then you regularly have meat rotting in your stomach. Not nice!
  • Vegetarianism is a big part of yogic philosophy and is being increasingly seen as a healthy diet if you put the effort in to get to try the range of different foods available to you
  • It makes me happy!

Simple, really.

If you’re interested in becoming a vegetarian but aren’t really sure where to start, here are some tips:

1. Try Meatless Mondays

Going cold ‘turkey’ vegetarian, is not necessarily for everybody. I still ate fish for a numbers of years before I gave up eating animals entirely. A good way to get into the habit is by picking a day of the week that you just don’t eat meat. On that day, wherever you are, whatever you are doing – you don’t eat meat. It’s only one day a week so it’s not a manageable commitment. You can see where it takes from you there.

2. Find vegetarian restaurants near you

These can open up a world of food you didn’t even realise existed. From nut burgers to quinoa there’s a whole range of veggie friendly deliciousness waiting for you to find it. Explore and allow your taste buds to enjoy a guilt-free taste extravaganza.

3. Buy a vegetarian cook book and make one easy recipe a week

Maybe on your Meatless Monday, make a new vegetarian meal you’ve never had before. Try and keep it simple, so that you don’t start worrying about making a complicated meal. Just gently open up your world to food you’ve never eaten before.

4. Take a veggie meal or side dish to a friend’s house

If you are trying to eat vegetarian food more regularly but don’t want to impose on others when you visit them, offer to cook a veggie lasagne or a side dish if you are invited round for dinner. That way you get to eat the meal you want to without imposing, and you might even inspire some of your friends to think about it.

5. Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon

Life is life, and sometimes things happen that we don’t want. Just get back on the wagon at the next opportunity that presents itself and forgive yourself. Life’s too short to beat yourself up – just be proud of yourself for trying.

Good luck!

With Love & Light,




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