I discovered something powerful today that I wanted to share that shows us why being is more important than doing.

I was in a quite reflective mood and decided I wanted to know what people are generally asking Google for help for.  I started by typing” how can I” and got this:

why being is more important than doing

This didn’t surprise me but it made me a little sad. Is this all we really care about? Money + our weight? Do we really think that’s going to make us happy?

Then I decided to hone in on what we ask google how to be, instead:

why being is more important than doing

Isn’t it wonderful? The top search on google for “how can I be” is how can I be a better person?

Oh, that just made my heart sing.  The end is not nigh. We are delightful beings of wonder + kindness. We can’t help but mostly want to be better.

You see, who to BE is so much more important + powerful than any other decision we make in our lives.

Every morning you wake up + you make that decision again + again + again. That’s the total and utter beauty of it. You choose. You have control. You can have a less than ideal job + a less than ideal financial situation but still decide who you are going to be on that day. You might have no money + be more or less overweight than you desire, but you can be a person that others gain strength + love + support from. You might have been someone you weren’t too proud of yesterday but you can get up today + be somebody entirely different.

This is why being is more important than doing. We are human beings, not human doings.

So who are you going to be today?

Love light Raeeka (1)

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