Dearest darlings,

I’m in a lot of entrepreneur groups + charity groups on Facebook. Recently I had the strange experience of seeing a lovely post for somebody collecting supplies to take to Calais for the refugees, immediately followed by a post about making £6,000 in 1 month so the poster could buy their favourite designer shoes + travel the world in fancy hotels.

Something about that juxtapose really made my stomach lurch.

It feels bizarre to live in a world in which most of us are busily going around with ‘first world’ problems buying handbags + dreaming of holidays while others are suffering incredibly.

I classify myself as an entrepreneur + I love being a coach. I love supporting people in my online community + yoga classes to reach their full potential. Sometimes I lose myself in the numbers + think about how wonderful my life would be if I would make x amount doing all of this. There are so many adverts on Facebook now about how to make £5,000 a month in just 2 hours?!?! or suchlike. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking about it in the wrong way.

In reality there’s nothing wrong with making £5,000 a month or even £50,000 a month. I fully applaud it. I aspire to it. But not to buy shoes. Not when there are people camping in Calais without the medical care they need to get through the day.

That grating juxtapose shot straight to my core + I realised, that’s not really who I am. I am a coach + a teacher because I love helping people to be better. I don’t make money to buy designer shoes – I make money so that I can allow myself the support to continue to help others to thrive. I buy myself the things I buy myself (massages, retreats, creative supplies + good food mostly) because it helps me to recharge myself so I can come back to you + give you more.

It also gave me even more clarity for my new  venture which will involve charitable donations from my business –  A Love Letter To which will be kickstarting with it’s first love letter in October. I am now so sure that I need to do this to complement the work I do in my online community. I love to coach people + help them but I also NEED to give to others freely + creatively. I NEED to help fundraise + raise awareness. So if this appeals to you do follow the FB page and you’ll see the project starting up soon.

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say – I’m not that kind of coach. I’m not offering coaching services to you + an online subscription to you to try to make money out of you. Obviously that’s one of the things that happens, but it’s not my reason. I have a perfectly good day job that gives me the money I need. I could get home at 6pm and just do whatever I felt like (e.g. buying designer shoes ;)). But I log on here + share with you because I want to do something that moves you + me. I want to help you + help myself. I want to help everyone.

So I’m not that kind of coach. + I’m here for you.

+ so grateful for you being here with me.

Love light Raeeka (1)P.S. I  love you.


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