Dear beautiful, beautiful soul,

Feeling alone is so hard. It can feel terminal. When we feel alone, we can give ourselves the impression that it will never end.

This, too, shall pass, dearest.

Just like the highs – the lows pass. Like a tide rising and falling. It’s knowing that you will always surf the wave that gets you through, not how high or low that wave is.

It’s ok to feel alone.

At any one moment there are thousands if not millions of people feeling alone too. There’s something special in that. You are not alone in your aloneness. We are connected even when we feel oh so disconnected.

Reach out.

Because you aren’t alone in your aloneness, you can reach out. If you feel ready to. You can try to help somebody else feel less alone. Volunteer to spend time with elderly people who need socialising or offer your time to a help line. Post something online to share with the world (that’s what I’m doing right now) to connect with somebody else + maybe make them feel that little bit less alone. Reach out of yourself.

Rest in your own beauty.

If you aren’t ready to reach out yet, rest. Give yourself what you need. Tap into your self-soothing system. Eat well. Sleep well. Meditate. Express gratitude even when you don’t feel like it.

+ know that you are so extremely, deeply, wonderfully beautiful. You’ve just forgotten for a little moment, that’s all. When you remember your inner potential, when you remember the beauty within you won’t feel so lonely anymore. Beauty like that is compelled to be shared, it drives connections, it makes you reach out to make the world better. Rest in your own beauty + it will be coaxed back out to play with the world.

Love + Light,



P.S. If you are feeling lonely + would like some connection then you are welcome to join my online community where the goals are to live a blissful, bountiful + beautiful life. The group is supportive + caring + positive.

P.P.S. If you are local to Berkhamsted + you need to reach out, why not join us for a walking meditation this Sunday 29th March at 10.30am, or sign up for my guided relaxation (yoga nidra) course starting Wed 1st April 7.45-8.45pm for 4 weeks.



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