As you all know I love love love personal development so I’m always reading papers + articles to help me improve myself + others (check out my Happiness Library if you want to get involved more deeply in my approach to personal development) . I just wanted to share 2 quick tips for you from the reading I’ve been doing recently.

They might seem obviously but ask yourself if you are doing them.

If you are, hurray, you’re wonderful. Feel free to share what you are doing with me or if you want to join the Bliss-seekers FREE facebook group to inspire others with what you are doing then please do.

If you aren’t, then these are 2 things you can start to implement straight away.

Exercise before you do difficult tasks

I recently learnt that if you do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and ideally something that challenges your mind a little (tennis is a great example but you can also do a 10 minutes run/jog/fast walk followed by some dynamic yoga or dancing) then it improves your mental capacity for the tasks you do immediately afterwards. [if you’d like online kundalini yoga videos then check out Blissful Life Yoga where you can practice yoga with me from home]

To implement this, consider when you need to do your most difficult work of the day. Then see if you can play with fitting in a workout just before then. Choose something you enjoy + try it for a week. This is scientifically proven to enable people to perform better at the tasks they undertake straight after the workouts. Give it a go and see what it does for you.


This might seem like a strange one to extroverts so if you’re doing it, fantastic. If you’re an introvert like me, though, you might forget to do this. That’s not to say you have to socialise every day or even every week – but make sure you have some good quality time with people you like on a regular basis. Choose activities to do together that generate the most laughter or interesting conversation.

If you don’t already have a network around you then try or start a new activity that you enjoy to help you to meet other people. It’s also scientifically proven that when we socialise with others we are much happier.

Make sure you choose the people carefully though, avoid people who drain your energy.

That’s it. Oh-so-simple, but very powerful ways to bring yourself into a happier space. Try them out + I’d love to hear from you as to what this does for you. Feel free to join the Bliss-seekers group to share + gain inspiration, it’s absolutely free.

Love light Raeeka (1)



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