Yoga is gaining increasing popularity. There are many different types of yoga – hatha, ashtanga, hot yoga, iyengar, kundalini. So why do a particular type of yoga? Why practice kundalini yoga?

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t ‘flexible’

Although it’s great in terms of flexibility if you can into the full posture and hold it perfect – that’s not what kundalini yoga is about. The idea is to do the best that you can in any posture, and there are always modifications you can do if you aren’t able to achieve the posture in full. The focus in kundalini yoga is not on perfecting posture (that is a byproduct of concentration and focus), but on bringing yourself into the present moment and experiencing your full potential. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness.

It’s a great practice to help you focus your mind

We spend a lot of time rushing from one place to another, sometimes even on autopilot. If you want to engage more with life, and be less affected by stress, then kundalini yoga can help you. We use physical posture (asana), breath, and very importantly, mantra – to focus the mind and bring it consistently into the present moment. If you can

It can help you unravel emotions and feelings and find a constructive way to deal with them

Yoga is not the be all and end all, but it can help you understand your feelings and emotions. We often think that we are what we feel – but that is not necessarily the case. You may feel angry, but that is a feeling, it is not you. You exist independently of that feeling. Being able to become more aware of these subtleties can help you make the right decisions in the right moments, and to live moreĀ from your true self, from the potential you have within you.

It will strengthen and tone your body

If you are looking for some changes in your physical body then kundalini yoga can also deliver this for you while being a holistic practice. While you are focusing your mind and spirit, you can be toning you abdominals, thighs, arms and all other parts of your body, getting some cardiovascular exercise and increasing your flexibility.

It works quickly

There are no quick fixes, and regular practice is the key to any changes and development – physical, mental and emotional. Despite this, kundalini yoga is said to be the yoga that takes effect the quickest. Even one class can start to make changes in the mind, body & heart that allow you to start to connect to and engage your full inner potential.

It’s fun!

Sometimes the sets ask us to dance! There are postures which are seen as ‘traditional’ yoga postures – but there are also sets which may ask you to sway, dance, laugh or whatever else you may need to do to get you to your highest self the fastest. It’s fun, and it’s ok to smile and enjoy the process.


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