Dearest loves,

Somebody said this at a yoga festival I was at recently + it really resonated with me. We were doing a posture where the arms were up in the air (my least favourite, even as a yoga teacher!) for an extended period of time.

She was motivating us to keep going, I was focusing on my breathing + trying not to let my monkey mind interfere + tell me that I needed to stop, when the teacher said

there’s nothing wrong with a little pain, darling.

This made the experience very transformative for me, suddenly. I started to mentally chant this to myself over + over until we got to the end of the exercise.

In our quickfix world, we want everything to come easily to us. We want to lose weight without trying, reach spiritual enlightenment without a daily practice + to be millionaires just by becoming reality TV stars.

The reality is that nothing good ever comes without a little work. Nothing good ever comes without a little sweat + tears.

There’s nothing wrong with a little pain, darling.

Try using this as your mantra this week when you feel like you want to give up. It’s both motivating + loving. You call yourself darling to let yourself know that you are supporting yourself – but it’s also no nonsense. There IS nothing wrong with a little pain, darling. You’ll be ok.

That’s what the postures with the arms in the air teach us. When the arms come down we’re fine even though during it we weren’t sure we could make it. We usually can.

So go for it. Challenge yourself, lovingly. Let me know how that goes for you!

Love light Raeeka (1)

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