There is a power, something that draws you to those people for whom engaging with their own consciousness is a daily practice. There is something so serene about tens of people in prayer pose, breathing deep belly breathes – all reaching for the parts of themselves that are the best.

& he says to us (this one’s a charmer), I don’t want to hear any pushing or grunting or wishing it was over. When it is hard, ask for help. Ask your gurus, your god, yourself – ask for help. & smile. & so we did. We held postures, silently asked for help & smiled.

We did partner yoga – so I partnered with a man I had never met before. This is initially quite uncomfortable as my Western, logical, British mind was displeased not only about the proximity but the intense eye contact. These days we barely look the people we love, let alone those we don’t know.

But then I looked into his eyes & for a split second I saw his soul. Whether it was the way his eyebrow arched when he was concentrating or just that we were both caught like deer in headlights, our eyes locked staring at each other – & I saw the window to the soul – I saw something. I saw humanity. I saw you, I saw me I saw us all – one. I saw all existence.

& savasana, sweet savasana. When you’ve worked so hard & you know a good rest is coming up – I know I can just feel the sensation of the blanket on me while I’m pushing for that last 30 seconds. Keep up, keep going! & I imagine the total release of palms-up-legs-apart-eyes-closed-bliss.

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