Hello beautiful!

Welcome, I’m so pleased you’ve said yes to a journey of embracing yoga’s roots and living yoga as a way of life, not just practicing poses.

Be sure to find the confirmation email in your inbox or junk and click to be sure to have joined the list in full. Otherwise you won’t get my emails.

On this email list you’ll get emails from me in these categories:

REST – Links to my weekly free yoga videos plus my in studio and online classes. These always follow a particular theme a week inviting us into collective liberation and care for each other.

RISE – Emails with a specific topic to invite you into activism and taking steps towards social justice. You can opt to participate or not depending on how resourced you are feeling to do activism, but do remember that ahimsa is non-harm, and it’s the first ethical code of yoga. Activism is an excellent way to actively interrupt harm.

REJOICE – Playful, funny emails with content that has made me smile.

There is usually 1 REST email a week and probably 1 RISE email a week if I’ve had time to write down the activism work I’ve been doing. REJOICE emails are more sporadic.

If you love anything that I do and want to support me then I ask you to make a donation here, and ALL the money is passed onto marginalised communities. I’ll be doing regular updates on where the money goes.

See you in the emails, I always love to hear from you do so hit reply when you get inspired to let me know how what I’m sharing resonates with you.

Love, light & fire,


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