Week 1: Reality check

  • Exploring what your current addiction level is
  • 3 exercises to identify  how your social media usage is impacting you now

Week 2: Bringing in the new

  • Introducing activities to reduce hours spent on social media
  • 3 exercises to enable you to achieve this

Week 3: Clean it up

  • Once your social media hours are reduced, this is a clean up operation on what you are doing when you’re on social media
  • 3 exercises to help you clear out negative content and manage challenging relationships online

BONUS CONTENT: Kundalini yoga video for dealing with addiction

Each week's lesson comes in text, video and audio format so you can decide how you want to learn.

You’ll receive an email at the start of each week guiding you through the exercises. You can also work through the material at your own pace and go back to it any time you like. You have FOREVER access.


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