September – friendships



Kundalini yoga kriya for elevation :: A full length yoga set to elevate your spirits – perfect for raising your vibe to attract elevated friends

Meditation to open your heart :: A practice to increase flow between yourself and the universe to open yourself up to give and receive love

Podcast on Friendship – recorded August 2017

Right Nostril Breath (3 minutes) :: A breathwork practice to help you focus on your activating and engaging energy. Perfect to put you in more of an extrovert mood to make new relationships

Meditation for Protection and Projection (11 minutes) :: A meditation that gives you a magnetism and attracts people to you as well as protecting yourself from the energy of others.

Loving Kindness Audio Meditation (20 minutes) :: This is guided meditation you can relax to while you direct loving kindness first to yourself then to those around you.

Podcast on Friendships (10 minutes) :: This is a short podcast from me introducing some ideas and things to reflect on in relation to your friendships.

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