Dearest darlings,

Yesterday was a strange day. Two people close to me found out that two people close to them had died.  It was compounded as one piece of news came after the other. So very sad. It’s also one of those feelings that makes you see colours more clearly. Your vision sharpens and the monkey mind you normally have calms for a brief moment as you realise – THIS is it! This is my go. Better get busy living.

I felt the universe giving me a reminder lesson in mortality, which it often does with each of us on a regular basis if we choose to notice. I wondered if it was the universe saying

Hey, you! Scared of dying? Get busy living. Stop moaning + complaining. CHANGE things up to acess your inner joy. You’re not as in control as you tell yourself you are.

+ of course, whatever you believe in, that’s true. We don’t have full control of our start + stop times. We don’t really have any idea when we’re going to get off this ride. We may be able to prolong our journey with healthy living – but that still doesn’t let us set an end date. It just happens to us.

The thing that we are in control of is the courage that we bring to our lives. Whatever our situation.


It doesn’t matter what financial situation we are born into. If we have courage + heart, we can make waves of change. We can get ourselves onto that course or programme to better ourselves. We can get a job that brings us enough to cover the bills + food. When things are tough we can draw on our courage to just take it one breath at a time. Sometimes when life is really tough, just showing up takes courage. But that’s what we can choose. Show up. Make changes a step at a time.

You hear this saying – live like it was your last day on earth. I think that’s pretty tough.

How do you ever get laundry done if you live like it’s your last day on earth? If you plan to eat your favourite foods all day long then you’ll make it your last day on earth pretty quickly even if you aren’t due to check out.

I tend to look at it as one continuous timeline and ask myself a question instead. If I died today, would I be happy what what I’ve done in life + where I’ve ended up? That gives you permission to do your laundry while maintaining an attitude of carpe diem! – as nobody wants to remembered as the person who never cleaned their clothes.

Of course the answer to that question is very rarely yes. We normally have so much more we want to do – whoever we are. But that gives us clarity. ask yourself what one step could you take the next day? Implement each answer that comes to you to start turning that no into a yes. + then keep asking. Keep taking the step. No matter how small. Have courage. Have heart.

+ before you know it, you’ve lived the life of your dreams.


So here’s to you + asking the question every day. Here’s to you + your steps. I’m cheering you on. Have heart, my dear. Get busy living.

Love + Light,



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