Retreating for wellness workbook

Take those baby steps towards your goals and ease closer to joy.

“There’s got to be a way to live a life more aligned to my goals?”

Maybe you’re never getting around to those goals you have for fitness. Keep hoping you’ll somehow magically start a regular yoga practice. Always forgetting to call your mother. Never finding time to start that art class.

Your soul calls for you to do something to make a change and live in a way that actually fulfils you and connects you to joy.

What if you just gave yourself permission to start? Permission to take time for your life.

You’re ready for Retreating for Wellness

Retreating for wellness is a system for incrementally improving the quality of your life. It’s not a quick fix and it’s not a shaming process, it’s a gentle, gradually unfolding and evolving. You can go as ‘fast’ or as ‘slow’ as you like.

It’s based around the idea that there are 12 themes that life is made up of:













It will guide you through:

Assessing how you would ‘rate’ yourself on each of these themes – not because you are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at them but so you can get a sense of which areas might need more focus to help you feel happier. You’ll then be able to keep checking in and see how you’re doing according to how you feel about each theme as it relates to your life.

Giving yourself space to write down your goals for each/any of these areas

Offer suggestions for how you might start to implement them gently in your life

Invite you to track your progress as you see fit – depending on your personality type

Whether have a little bit of extra free time as a result of our current situation, or you’re actually feeling so busy doing things for others that you have only a  little time for yourself and want to use it effectively, this will help you to take those baby steps forward towards a more joyful life.




As you start to gently move towards your hopes and make connections with the version of yourself you really want to be – you’ll experience a sense of deep connection within, greater well being and improved physical health.

Imagine allowing yourself this gift of feeling like a more whole human in all aspects of your life… and how you’ll show up in your relationship with your partner, your kids, your work and everywhere in your life as a result.

You deserve it. Everyone around you deserves it… and the time is now. Allow yourself to be blissful, bountiful & beautiful.


Join me today and transform quarantine into a retreat for your wellness

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What is your happiness worth to you?

Now is your time to feel alive and lit up in all aspects of your life. Let’s  get you on the path to freedom,
joy and a more meaningful life.


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