Enjoy this online gong bath where you simply lie back and let the healing sounds of the gong cleanse, renew and rejuvenate you. The gong is a powerful tool for clearing the mind, reinvigorating the nervous system and stripping away any negative thoughts. Although we will not have the benefit of the physical current of vibration through the body, in these challenging times the sound of the gong itself is an invitation to the nervous system to find ease.

We will tune in with a kundalini chant, practice one spinal warm up and then lie back for around 20 minutes of gong relaxation.

As this is my first online gong bath I am offering it as a pay what you can session – so please pay here entering whatever amount you feel you can afford

If you’d like to wait until after the gong session to pay that’s fine

To join the session simply install Zoom and  use the following code: 823-9526-5423

I will start the session promptly at 7.30pm

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