Hey beautiful,

For those of you that have been reading along this month you’ll know we’ve been reading The Life-changing Art of Tidying to coincede with our HOME theme. In this the author talks about only keeping things that ‘spark joy’ for you.

It’s well worth reading the book, but I just wanted to give you one of my take aways from it.

You deserve to have things around you that spark joy in your life.


It’s a simple concept but really powerful. When I find myself settling for things I don’t like very much it reminds me to re-think it all.

The other day I put on some trousers I’m not that keen on and I was very aware of how much they did not spark joy. I wore them but decided afterwards that I would be giving them away because they were not helpful to me. I felt uncomfortable in them, I wasn’t happy how I looked in them, and it just wasn’t working. Prior to reading this book I probably would have just kept wearing them and not thought about it, but it’s really important to note how much our belongings impact how we feel.

We should choose things that spark joy as much as possible.

I hope this inspires you to read the book and also choose things that spark joy as much as you can!

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