November Spirituality Content

Meditation to act, not react (11 minutes) ::  A meditation to help you to act from your heart rather than react to external events

Awakening to your ten bodies yoga set :: A yoga set for balancing your ten spiritual bodies, 1st     Soul Body, 2nd    Negative Mind, 3rd     Positive Mind, 4th     Neutral Mind, 5th     Physical Body, 6th     Arcline, 7th     Aura, 8th     Pranic Body, 9th     Subtle Body, 10th   Radiant Body


Temple audio meditation :: A guided meditation to relax and help you create a sacred space within yourself to rejuvenate.

Podcast on the different stages in your spiritual path

Meditation for focus and sweetness (11 minutes):: A meditation to help you focus and also to act from a sweet place.

Walking Tall with Kundalini Yoga :: A yoga set to help you rejuvenate.

Podcast on Spirituality (7 minutes) :: This is a short podcast from me introducing some ideas and things to reflect on in relation to spirituality.

What does spirituality mean to you? (video)

What makes you feel connected and in flow? (video)

Which stage of the spiritual path are you on? (video)

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