I’ve been asked to share the ethical products that I use regularly so here’s a list of what I’m using at the moment. I’ll try to keep this up to date over time. I usually use Ethical Consumer as my main source of information so I’d highly recommend signing up for the magazine if you are in the UK. Apologies to those of you outside of the UK, not all of the below will be available to you – but have a look and see:

  1. Who Gives A Crap toilet paper – if you want your loo roll to help improve sanitation for those who don’t have it, this is the toilet paper to buy
  2. Greenscents laundry detergent and conditioner – vegan, cruelty free and no nasties
  3. Abel and Cole for our weekly shop – this includes organic fruit and veg but also of other items. They are usually very good at stocking ethical options e.g. Greenscent can be bought via them. If I have to shop in a supermarket then I would go to The Co-operative first (although we don’t have one near us) and then either a Waitrose or M&S.
  4. Divine chocolate – Fair trade certified and currently holding the top spot for chocolate on Ethical Consumer. Also, yum!
  5. Equal exchange tea – currently the most ethical tea available (in the UK). I used to drink Pukka, but they have recently been bought by Unilever.

I’ll keep adding to this list and amending it over time, I hope it’s helpful!

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