Dearest beautiful,

If you are feeling low or down, why not do something for somebody else today? It will make a difference to how you are feeling. Choose one act, no matter how big or small to do something to help, honour or aid somebody else.

I had this amazing experience recently of doing this for a group of people. In my new project I released a loveletter to UK medics. For those of you not in the UK (or perhaps even those of you in the UK but not aware of it) the upcoming suggested changes to the junior doctor’s contracts are very dangerous for the doctors and for all of our wellbeing if they go through. I know about it, but I felt helpless. So I did what I know how to do best and that is love.

I wrote my loveletter to UK medics. It ended up going ‘viral’ within the medical community online. It was liked 512 times in 2 days (that I could even track, but some of the likes I saw got another 50 likes so goodness knows how many people have read it) and shared over 230 times. People tweeted it to Jeremy Hunt multiple times which made me chuckle.

I read comments from medics saying they were crying with gratitude that somebody was saying this to them just before they went to do another 12 hour night shift. I was humbled + amazed at how 1 message of love can travel so far.

So if you feel low today – just do something for somebody else. Love somebody else. Not with any need or expectation to receive anything back. Just do it and see what happens. The world might just surprise you.

Love light Raeeka (1)


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