We’ve all been there, right, loves?

Your day is going along just fandoodly.

Then something happens. Somebody says or does something.

Or something doesn’t happen that is “supposed” to happen.

Suddenly, you’re teetering on the edge of a precipice – trying to decide whether you have the inner strength to not let this ruin your day. Or just let go + sink into the depths of a bad mood.

The first step is noticing.

If you can tell that you’re about to dip into the downward curve of an emotional rollercoaster – then that’s half the battle. Being aware of the shifts + changes in your feelings means you can begin to realise that they are not the same thing as you. You are separate from your emotions. If you notice the shift happening then you stand a chance of making a choice.

Don’t fool yourself.

You can meditate your socks off, darling – you are never going to get into a space where you are never in a bad mood. Even Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga had bad moods. He would say, “I  may be a teacher but I am also a man. Today I am the man!” + he’d be angry. It’s ok.

This is not about trying not to feel. This is about feeling + still behaving in line with your spirit. Even when your emotions try to drag you off in another direction.

Keep up.

It’s what you do after the bad mood hits that matters. The bad mood is inevitable. So when the mood sets in, what do you usually do?

My default bad mood state is to start getting a bit whiney, eat + drink too much + generally start moping around. If I let myself do what I instinctively want to do when I’m in a bad mood – then my world is suddenly a much drearier place.

I don’t do that, though (usually!). I make myself fulfil my commitments. I might whinge + moan, but I still sit down + get onto my yoga mat for my daily meditation. I still exercise every day – whether it’s yoga, a walk, hula hooping or bellydancing. (Tip: It’s hard to stay in a bad mood while you hula!).

I still log onto my computer + write my blog posts or prepare my yoga classes.

I actively (with a LOT of willpower) stay away from overeating + drinking. Any kind of natural instinct to gorge is delayed. I tell myself, if you still feel like doing that in a couple of hours – then knock yourself out.

Naturally by that time my mood has improved or I’ve lost that craving. It was a passing thing.

All things shall pass, petals. This too shall pass.


The only thing that you have is your choices moment to moment. So make them good ones + don’t let something ruin your day that you won’t be feeling again in a few hours, days or week. Keep shining your light.

Love + Light,



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