Kundalini Yoga

Rescue Kit

For Busy, Grumpy Mums

“Is this it? Stressed out, tired and snappy? Am I destined to be a grumpy mum forever?”

Stressing over keeping the kids happy while not going mad yourself. Anxiety about life and relationships at home. Rushing from one task to another every single day. Snapping at your kids. Feeling guilty when you’re at work. Not ever feeling like your life is enough… like you are enough… even though you’re trying sooo hard. You can never escape the guilt and feeling like you should do better.

Your soul calls for you to do something, ANYTHING to change so you can stop feeling guilty about motherhood.

You think to yourself:

“Am I even doing this right?”
“Am I the only mum feeling this way?”
”Am I being really selfish to take time away from my family for me?”

You need help.  You need permission to give yourself some time (even 5 minutes!) to transform how you feel.

You’re ready for my Kundalini Yoga Rescue Kit for Busy, Grumpy Mums

The Rescue Kit gives you gradual, stress-free options to let go of being a busy, grumpy mum. You can choose to implement everything quickly or you can take your time. It’s entirely up to you. Create a spiritual practice that supports you.

What is the Kundalini Yoga Rescue Kit?

It’s a workbook designed for you to take entirely at your own pace. With easy to implement exercises (I’m talking less than a minute and even with a child hanging off your arm!) through to more detailed, thought-provoking and life changing tools to rescue you from your perception of being a grumpy mum. It will rescue you from guilt and help you build a relationship with your emotions, yourself and your child that is healthier, happier, and much less grumpy.

The Rescue Kit is heavily based in kundalini yoga philosophy, where the value of the mother is paramount. Kundalini yogi’s believe that there is nothing more powerful than the divine feminine energy (yes you are divine – even when you don’t feel like it!) of a mother. Grounded in creating a spiritual practice for mothers, the Rescue Kit helps you to reconnect to this shakti (feminine) energy and find vitality and strength to be the beautiful mother you are.

Quick fixes. Ten Minute Miracles
Self-Care Toolkit. This is HUGE.

That’s what the Rescue Kit is. Simple methods and tools from starting with quick fixes all the way through to deep work on your relationship with motherhood.

You can work through and use most of the exercises, meditations and chants in minutes and start implementing them into your day in a way that supports you. The Rescue Kit also helps you delve deeper into the longer term transformation of your relationship with motherhood with kundalini yoga, meditation and self-care rituals.


On purchasing, you’ll receive the Rescue Kit filled with:


  • Quick fixes – for when you need to re-group straight away to gain control of your inner grumpy mum:
    • mantras to listen to or chant that will help you press reset
    • easy to implement breathwork techniques to relax your nervous system (you can do these even when your child is crawling all over you and share it with them!)
    • support reflecting on the difference between “I don’t have time” when perhaps we really
  • Ten minute miracles for those moments you have just a little more time:
    • ten minute self-care tools to reinvigorate you
    • chants to do alone or with your little ones
    • guided relaxations to bring you into a place of peace
  • Self-care toolkit for deep work on your relationship to motherhood:
    • follow along kundalini yoga video set for mothers
    • meditation to keep up with your children
    • self-care checklist
    • reflections on filling your own cup and being kind to yourself
    • “How I’ll raise my child” exercise to help prepare you for all situations
    • an introduction to the 12 areas of fulfilment to start your journey of coming into balance
  • Support in our private group. Make friends, connect and help each other. I’m also in the group every day providing guidance, support and cheerleading you on.


In just a few days of using the Rescue Kit

You could be a calmer, kinder mum (including to yourself!)

You’ll have kundalini yoga tools and practical exercises to deal with guilt, anger, frustration, burn out and deep love….

…the wonderful blend of emotions that motherhood brings.

“This is just an amazing package. It’s so clear with written instructions and video inserts to help you along the way. As a mom, it touches on so many great points for me. Even just reflecting on the questions alone in the “How I’ll Raise My Child” exercise is calming. The mantras are just beautiful and so is the music.”


“So much comfort and wisdom! I love the way it graduates from emergency quick fixes to longer term solutions. Can’t wait to try the left nostril breathing with my little one.”



You’ll begin to experience motherhood in a calmer, more self-accepting way. Using meditation and kundalini yoga to de-stress, build a positive relationship with your child and becoming more present.

Imagine allowing yourself this gift of feeling more at peace with motherhood… and how you’ll show up in your relationship with your partner, your kids, your work and everywhere in your life as a result.

You deserve it. Everyone around you deserves it… and the time is now.

Are you ready to say yes
and be a happier mum?


What is your happiness and that of your little one’s worth to you?


Now is your time to make motherhood a positive and joyful experience. Yes, it’s hard. But you can have the toolkit here to avoid guilt and open yourself up to love. Say yes.

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