Check out my brand new short video exploring this quote and how kundalini yoga can aid you in authentic relationships:


If you’re ready to give this a try and focus on love & relationships, then check out my free meditation videos below: We’ll be practising the meditation to open the heart DAILY in Bliss-Seekers from 1st February as a free group meditation, so join the group in anticipation!

If you’re keen to go deeper in your work on your relationships with others and get stuck in with kundalini yoga, then you also can use:

  • Training video on Ego eradicator pose – a fantastic kundalini yoga pose for improving your relationships with others
  • Kundalini yoga bridge series for power to the heart – a great full length yoga set to strengthen your heart
  • Audio guided meditation on relationships
  • Audio guided meditation on loving kindness

All of these are available in Blissful Life Yoga, and you can choose to subscribe for just $11 per month (the value of everything in there is well over $1500), and unsubscribe anytime. No strings attached.

I’d love to hear from you if you try any of the free videos, and it would be great to have you in Bliss-Seekers to join in the free daily meditation challenge to open the heart for Feb. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about kundalini yoga and how it can strengthen and support your relationships. Remember, if you had a tough festive period – you made it!

Much love & light to you,

Raeeka xo

P.S. Are you local to Berkhamsted, Herts, UK? Check out my upcoming workshops and classes here.

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