kundalini yoga berkhamsted private

Would you like to practice kundalini yoga but not sure about a group class environment?

10 amazing benefits of kundalini yoga:

  • become more flexible + toned
  • improve the health of your organs
  • better digestion + elimination
  • clear + focus your mind
  • connect to your highest self / spirit
  • be the best version of YOU, daily
  • enhance your intuition
  • build resilience for stressful times
  • relax the body + mind
  • manage emotions

In a private session we can focus on your specific requirements. I will build a session based around your goals and physical requirements.

If you’re asking yourself if kundalini is for you the answer is yes. Try a class with Raeeka, I was hooked after my first one.


Once you’ve made payment I’ll be in touch to arrange your session.

Any issues please email info@lovemindbodyheart.com

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