Hey lovehearts,

I thought I’d celebrate the month of Valentines in a slightly different way this year. I’m running a 29 day love yourself + love others challenge where we do something good for ourselves + something good for another person every day of February.

You may do this already, in which case it will just bring it more into your awareness so you can experience the positive aspects + experience gratitude + love for your acts.

If you don’t do this already (you might be surprised) then it’s a fantastic challenge to try for 29 days + see if it changes your perspective. Maybe you’ll be kinder to yourself. Maybe you’ll be more compassionate towards others.

All you need to do is request to join my FREE Bliss-Seekers 2016 facebook group. You’ll find a PDF prompt to help you with the challenges in the files. Then every day (or as many days as you feel you can) share your #lovemeloveyou challenge in the group. Share pictures, videos or just text updates of what you are doing for yourself + what you are doing for another that day.

Let’s make February a month of love, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

Are you in? Join today.

Love light Raeeka (1)

P.S. If you want to work on your LOVE + ROMANCEĀ in general, why not sign up to my Happiness Library before 1st Feb? Our theme for February is LOVE + ROMANCE. We set goals for the month, themed yoga + meditations videos/audios + a themed book club.

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