Dearest wonderfulest of wonderfuls,

I’m in an especially super mood this week as it’s nearly my birthday!

I love, love, love birthdays. This year in particular is exciting as it’s a big one (sidebar: how much of a fun game would it be for you guys to guess which big birthday is it? Hit reply if you’re on the mailing list + let me know if you’re brave enough to guess ;)). Life is changing + I’m embracing it.

I just wanted to start by saying I am oh-so-grateful to you for being here. I know a number of you have been around for a few years + you’ve been a part of the journey by either joining my online community, coming to my workshops + classes in person or just by replying to my love-notes with beautiful + considered responses that let me know I’m reaching your hearts. So thank you.

I love to reflect when birthdays come around on what I’ve done in that year + how I feel about life. I thought I’d share some reflections briefly with you guys now:

  • I’m so overjoyed to be running a heart-centred business. I feel like my heart has been calling for this for years + it’s really falling into place. My connections with you fill with me so much joy + I love being able to help you fulfil your bliss-seeking ambitions. I’m not a doctor or a human rights lawyer but I’m someone who believes that everybody can make a difference by living their own life to the fullest + with the most compassion + kindness they can manage. That’s my contribution.
  • As I headed into this big birthday year I became very motivated to increase my fitness levels. I’ve always been relatively active but I knew to eliminate feelings of slugginess I was going to have to take it to the next level. I’m now somebody who runs (past Raeeka is in shock at this, by the way) + I’ve overcome that initial resistance to rising every day + making my body work. I’m mostly vegan + try to keep my sugar intake down (I do periodically gorge on cheese + chocolate – hey, I’m human). I’ve lost half a stone in the last year and am successfully keeping it off + feeling great.
  • I was uber-feminist and proposed to my partner, with a wedding come up next year.
  • I am getting much, much better at nourishing my soul. I know much more often when to say no and when to say yes. I act more in love + less in fear.
  • I am accepting things more. Not in a lie-down-and-give-up kind of way. I accept things I can’t change. I let them go. But I fight like hell for the things I can change. I now increasingly know the difference.
  • Through my yoga + meditation practice, I am so much calmer. My nervous system has recovered from a default setting of anxiety and blossomed into a neutral state (most of the time!).

I managed to do these things because of the program I follow of looking at 12 key areas within my life + making steps each month, gently, to move forward. It’s not a one-off fix. It’s a lifetime commitment to checking in, re-committing + persisting. It’s not always easy. But it works. Every step I take to where I want to be, I’m happier + healthier + more able to serve you.

This program is the core philosophy behind my Blissful, Bountiful + Beautiful community. Every month we focus on one of the themes as well as gently nudging all 12 forwards. You get access to a library of meditations + yoga classes + tools to help you live your blissful, bountiful + beautiful life.

As a birthday month special I am offering the opportunity to get the already bargain annual rate of $60 year split into two $30 rates every 6 months. So you don’t have to part with the full membership fee in one go, it’s taken twice a year in two halves, to make it super affordable.

Here’s what one of my community members has to say about the program + the impact it’s had on her this year:


To celebrate my birthday I’m holding this special offer until the end of this month. Sign up now to take advantage.


BBBspecialrateHappy my birthday month to you! 🙂 Hope to see you in the community soon. If you’re already in the community feel free to share the love by sharing this offer link with your friends! Grab it today before the offer expires.

Love light Raeeka (1)

P.P.S. This system has really changed my life . I have been using it for years + finetuning it. You have to own it. It doesn’t do the work for you, but it’s there to make sure it happens if you put the work in, + so it the online community. Join us + starting living your blissful life.




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