Hello pretties,

It’s been a tough few weeks. We’ve seen all sorts of atrocities around the world. As human beings we like to try to make sense of things, to give ourselves a¬†sense of hope. When things are tough we have to find meaning, we have to give ourselves a reason + a way to feel uplifted and elevated.

For me, I feel so deeply + strongly that I am here to serve you. I want to help you to be the most blissful + bountiful version of yourself that you can be. Whenever I have a bad day, whenever I feel overwhelmed by what is going on is the world – I sit and go within. I ask myself, I ask the universe – please steer me to where I need to be. Please help me to make it better. Please help me be bigger than myself + allow me somehow to hold the whole world in my heart.

I’m inviting you to go within + ask yourselves what uplifts + elevates you? What is at the core when all else is stripped away?

We can let what is happening bring us down. It’s OK to feel devastated + unsure about what is happening to our planet + what we are doing to each other.

But what happens if we dig deep for something more? What’s at your core that enables you to get back up when you feel like you can’t? What gives you your first smile after a night of tears? Dig deep for that. Dig deep for that beauty because it’s what makes the world a place that we need to save. It makes us fundamentally, universally + wholly beautiful. It makes us worth saving. So dig deep + shine your light. Share the thing that makes you grin from ear to ear. Live from your heart.

Be who you are, through the peaks + the troughs. Be the light even when it feels hard to shine. With enough light we’ll gasp at all the beauty that surrounds us.

If you haven’t already + you’d like to help me to serve you then I’m asking you to fill out a short survey that will help me understand your needs better + help me help you shine your light. In return, you’ll get an audio meditation that will help you to see the beautiful¬†light within yourself.

Love light Raeeka (1)

P.S. I REALLY want to serve you, please take just 5 minutes to fill this out + get a 7 minute audio meditation.


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