Hey earth angels!

I saw a wonderful thing yesterday that I wanted to share with you. I was walking back from my favourite vegan café  through the park.

This lovely little lady walked across my path + as soon as she came to the grass she effortlessly removed her shoes + walked barefoot on the green.

I loved it.

This sweet little lady was embracing life to the full in that moment. She knew she wanted to feel the grass in between her toes. She wanted to be in the present moment + experience it deeply.

What was really beautiful about it was that all she had to do was make a choice. She could have just carried on walking with her shoes on, worrying or thinking about whatever she had on her mind that day. She didn’t, though. She CHOSE to take her shoes off and be present in that moment with nature.



It’s always a choice. We just forget sometimes.

Many of you have told me that being present + aware is deeply important to you + something that you struggle with. I’m cheering you on, lovely ones. I’m asking you to just keep choosing it. Keep choosing to be present + aware. Keep choosing to live in the moment. When you do that you don’t need to ask how to live in the moment, you’re just doing it. If you forget, the next moment you remember – choose again.

Life is a bit of luck + a series of choices. You can’t control the luck. You can control what you choose.

Choose to live, today.

Love + Light,




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