Dearest souls,

We each live different lives. We have different goals + different opinions. But in all of humanity, underneath it all we are all searching for meaning in our lives.

Not only are we searching for it but we are always looking for places + ways in which to derive meaning from the things we do, the things that happen to us + the things that happen around us.

Meaning gives us a reason to go on. It gives us a light in our hearts. It gives us determination + grit when the going gets tough + the ability to smile + enjoy ourselves when things are going well.

Meaning is everything, darlings.

Sometimes we confuse meaning + money or stuff. We think if we had just x amount more money we could do this, that + the other + be happy.

Meaning is everything.

The empowering aspect of that is that meaning can be derived in all places. I recently read a story about a janitor in the States who turned what most would consider a menial job into a calling. He called it turning the menial into magical. He created meaning in his job by reflecting on + connecting to those around him for whom he was providing a service. If he didn’t clean a room just so, then that impacted somebody else’s day. He created a sense of meaning for himself that supercedes money, class or circumstance.



So how can you re-frame or re-position your life to derive the meaning?

Leave a legacy

Think about the legacy you want to leave behind you. At work, what would happen if you weren’t there any more? What would people miss? Do the same with your personal life. Write down your legacy as it stands now, if you graciously departed this life. Write down your legacy as you would want it to be. You could even write your own obituary – as it stands now + as you’d like it to be. This can clarify your sense of purpose + help you to see why you are here + what the meaning of your life is.

Live your values

Meaning comes from living + acting from a place of truth. Ask yourself what you value. Is it commitment? Honesty? Small acts of kindness? Write down + crystallise your values. You can condense them down so they are small enough to carry around in your wallet. You can even try to make a catch phrase to remember them by, like make the menial magical. That will help you to bring your values into everything you do.

Write a letter to your 20 year old self

If you’re only 20 now – then celebrate that you truly have your whole life ahead of you ;] + try this exercise for a slightly younger age.

Tell yourself the things you would have liked yourself to know, then. What’s important + what’s not. What to worry about + what not to worry about. This is a beautiful way to understand the wisdom you already have within you could be imparting to others on a daily basis in your life + your work.

Learn + read

These days we only seem to read the internet, sometimes. While there is a huge amount of useful information out there in bitesize pieces (like this, thanks for coming! :]), there is a huge amount of value in reading (or listening or watching) things of more depth + detail. Keep your inputs open. Actively seek out to learn things. At the moment I’m actively looking for self-development + growth oriented audio books to listen to. I listen to them in the car + just before I go to sleep. It just plants little seeds in my mind to start thinking about during the day.

When you don’t have any creative, new + constructive inputs you are left to only your own mind + the inputs of those around you. Why would you limit yourself when you can feed yourself with learning that nourishes the soul + can help you to derive meaning in your life by planting seeds to lead a better one?

Why would you, indeed.

I’d love for you to hit reply if you’re on the mailing list + share with me any thoughts you have on living a meaningful live, or if you’ve done any of the above exercises + what you have learnt.

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Love + Light,



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