Hey lovely!

Life is amazing, right? There’s so much wonderful stuff going on. But at the same time – WOAH, there’s so much stuff going on.

 How are you supposed to deal with the information overload that comes with , having a family life and/or career, stay healthy, trying to keep up with politics + current affairs +  save the world one recycling bin at a time?

In Kundalini Yoga we refer to this information overload as a part of the Aquarian Age.

Whether you believe in astrology or not – the description of the Aquarian Age is pretty accurate for what is going on right now in the world:

  • Floods of information leading to information overload (Twitter? The internet in general? Global news on-demand?)
  • Psychological illness, fatigue + stress (there’s so much around us about mental health at the moment and finding balance)

Tough break, huh?

The great thing is that in this age your words and actions matter.  It’s also not just about having knowledge. It’s about wisdom + intuition.

We can’t make ourselves able to handle a flood of information by learning more about it – as that’s just even more white noise.

We have to learn how to use our instinct, intuition + wisdom to navigate through the sea of information.

We need to build stamina under stress, and have the clarity of our values to decide what step to take.

We need an elevated capacity to make choices, NOT new choices. We need wisdom to use the information we have, NOT more  information.

We have to trust that everything we want + need, we already have + are.

Sounds amazing, right? So how on earth do you do it?


We need to commit to an inner education. We spend a lot of time educating ourselves about what goes on outside of us, but we don’t spend much time on what goes on within us.

We need to match the outer information provided by the information revolution of the internet to be matched by an inner education.

We have to access + strengthen our meditative minds.

Don’t get me wrong, dearests. There is no quickfix. This is a lifelong activity. If you’re looking for quickfixes you have come to the wrong place (+ they don’t work darling, I’m sorry.)

We have to understand that everything depends on our mental outlook. Happy + unhappy belong to your mind, not the world. The world just is. WE put our emotions on top of it.

So what is the answer to this information overload + fatigue?

We have to reach a neutral, meditative mind. We have to meditate. This will not always feel good. Do not visualise a serene monk on the top of a mountain. Sometimes this is really hard work. But we have to commit to sitting down + doing it regardless. We have to clean up the mind. We have to appreciate that it has an infinite horizon + that by harnessing it we can access its full potential.   We have to realise that we are the masters of our mind, not the other way around. + over time, maybe fast or maybe slow, watch change happen.

So start committing now.

Choose one of my meditations + carve out a regular time to practice. If you feel a lethargy or resistance to meditation – commit to doing it anyway. Take a leap of faith + commit to at least 7 days of showing up to meditate.

If you have managed to trick yourself into thinking you don’t have time for a full 11 minute meditation practice (this is never true) then commit to 11 deep breaths. Everybody has time for that. You can meditate in other ways too. Focus on your breath when you walk. When you do the washing up, really focus on washing a pan or plate completely. If your mind wanders bring it back to really focusing on cleaning the plate.

You can find space to meditate + access your neutral mind in any lifestyle.


Yogi Bhajan (the master of kundalini yoga) taught that commitment is the first step to happiness. So commit today. I’ll cheer you on.

I’ve just started a 40 day 11 minute meditation practice so you are welcome to join me on this journey if it moves you.

With love + light,

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