Dearest lovely ones,

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a jolt? What’s the first thing that comes in to your mind when you wake up?

Do you feel happy + full of love? Or on edge + full of fear?

I have realised that my default setting + immediate reaction to things is fear. I can wake up in the morning with a jolt + the adrenaline starts running through my body + monkey mind kicks in. It just happens.

What I have realised though is that default just happens. It still leaves me with a choice, regardless. Even though my body kicks into fear-gear, I have the choice to act out of love instead.  So instead of following the fear, I can choose love. I can let go of the automatic, conditioned response + embrace an attitude of love.

I simply inhale, exhale. Let go of fear. Inhale, exhale – let love in.

Why not try that yourself today when fear creeps in?

Inhale, exhale. Let go of fear. Let love in.

Let me know how it goes for you 🙂

Love light Raeeka (1)



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