Dearest beautiful petals,

It’s that time of year where we start to reflect on what we’ve achieved + look gently towards 2016. I thought I’d get a little personal in this post + share what I’ve achieved in 2015 + how I got there. I invite you to take some time to do the same for yourself, or if you need motivation to help you then sign up to my library of happiness resources in the Blissful, Bountiful + Beautiful community + jump into making 2016 your best year yet.

Here’s 41 things  I achieved in 2016 that I want to celebrate:

  1. All of the below while working a 40 hour a week job, running my biz + working part time to support my local studio to help with their marketing *massive self high 5*
  2. Reduced the amount that I use papercups so I throw away less waste. Good for my conscience.
  3. Signed tens of petitions on and avaaz that made an impact in the world
  4. Got a personalised vegan coaching programme + applied to 80-90% to my eating
  5. Read Spirit Junkie + reconnected to my spirit, moved away from fear + towards love
  6. Created + released my Bliss Bundle AND The Secrets to Getting Organised + Calm to you lovely people thesecretsebook2
  7. Start playing tennis regularly with my love
  8. Had an AMAZING 30th birthday ‘surprise’ party + a lush stay at The Four Seasons thanks to my love
  9. Got back into reading a paper book before bed most of the time rather than being glued to an electronic device
  10. Finally understood Pinterest + how inspiring it is + created lots of lovely boards
  11. Took the leap to renovate our house
  12. Became an auntie!
  13. Started a more regularly morning spiritual practice + committed to it more regularly than in previous years
  14. Let go of the need to do yoga if meditation feels like what I need to do
  15. Completed 2 month long workout challenges
  16. Attending the Great British Kundalini Yoga festival + loved it as usual
  17. Built more structure into my biz (here, hello!) so I can deliver more quality content to you beautiful people
  18. Hired a great team in my day job
  19. Built a skincare routine for myself that feels good + is also cruelty free
  20. Got into the habit of a red + a green smoothie most days
  21. Regular massage
  22. Started to make more profit in my biz than in the previous 2 years
  23. Came up with the idea to try to leave Sunday evenings to creative/relaxation time + not work
  24. Donated hundreds of £’s to charity
  25. Lost half a stone + kept it off
  26. Planned a wedding
  27. Consistently got into a morning workout routine
  28. Grew my local yoga classes from one to 3
  29. Met somebody lovely to do a local joint venture with on empowering people for 2016 aligandraeeka
  30. Started using onenote + evernote to truly organise my life
  31. Manifested a beautiful winter coat that I had wanted for ages without paying for it
  32. Mastered the Curly Girl method to make my hair look nice naturally
  33. Made my FB feed truly inspirational with various groups (mine + others) so I am always inspired by what’s on there
  34. Built up my cardio + cross training practice without losing flexibility
  35. Got promoted in my day job
  36. Took on a marketing role at my yoga studio based on my biz experience
  37. Had a successful Dry January
  38. Hired a team for my biz including a virtual assistant + web support
  39. Realised how strong I am + that I can face pretty much anything with love in my heart IMG_2003
  40. Wrote an article to support junior doctors that went viral
  41. Had the honour of touching people’s lives with my local yoga classes, inspiration club + online offerings.

I’m sure there are lots more but this is as many as I could think of in the 20 minutes it took to write this post.

When I look at it like this, it’s an amazing year. I’m so pleased that I set specific goals + managed to achieve all of the above. I am so much happier + closer to where I dream of being this year than I have ever been before. I am braver, stronger, fitter + more in love with life.

How, you say, darling?

I practice what I preach, lovely one.

Every year I reflect on where I want to be.

Every month I go through key themes + write down goals.

Every week I review those goals + get myself on track.

I fall off the wagon from time to time, but I give myself a break + then get back on it.I make myself accountable by telling people in my online community + in mastermind groups what I set out to do.

I give myself the structure to reach for the stars but also the space to take a break + look at the beauty of the night sky.

If you want to achieve the same, why not gift yourself this library of happiness RIGHT NOW. I’ve just released my MAKE 2016 BLISSFUL workbook into the library so you can really start making things happen.


See you on the other side, beautiful.

Love light Raeeka (1)

P.S. Darling one I really want to help you make 2016 your year. In order to make that happen you’ve got to commit + do the work. Use the library of happiness to help you + join the community today!

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