Dearest gorgeous ones,

When we are going through the tough times it can be really hard to believe this, but the universe only gives you what you can handle.┬áThose difficult patches in life that you’ve come through – how have they made you more human? How have they allowed you to evolve + change? How are you better because of them?

If I think about the times in my life that have been hard, when I have felt like I might not make it or just felt too tired + low to comprehend what life after this might be… I realise that there was always life after. I can almost see how every difficult moment in my life has let me to where I am.

It’s like a work of art in the making + you can’t see the big picture until more brush strokes are added.

So if you’re right in the middle of what the universe has kindly thrown into your lap + you aren’t sure if you can handle it, remember you have been able to do this in the past + you’ll be able to do this again now. The universe only gives you what you can handle.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel. It doesn’t mean you still won’t question whether you can do it over + over again.

But just allow that knowledge to grow in your belly, in the depth of your breath, in the part of your heart that is still + strong.

If you aren’t in the thick of a challenge from the universe then store that knowledge somewhere you can access it when you need this.

Make ‘this, too, shall pass’ your mantra.

Practice reminding yourself that you are going to be OK so that when you really need to know it, it’s ingrained into your soul.

Take quiet moments to sit in the steadiness of your heart. It beats steadily even when you feel like you can’t make it. Take note.

Flow with the knowledge that the universe is only giving you what you can handle.

Love light Raeeka (1)


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