Need help getting through the festive season without disagreements?

Find yourself regressing into old roles?


Find yourself losing your temper or falling into old, bad habits when your family all get together? It’s a problem many of us have. If you’re nervous about the festive season and want to start it in the right way, this is the perfect workshop for you.

This is a comprehensive kundalini yoga workshop designed to support you through the festive season. We will use kundalini yoga techniques to help you stay grounded and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

We’ll practice a kundalini yoga kriya, some meditations, enjoy some gong therapy and yoga nidra (the yoga of sleep) and spend some time setting our intentions for FAMILY this festive season. You’ll go away with a toolkit of meditations and poses to use when you really need them.

Saturday 25th November 2017


Lovemindbodyheart Studio, Gaveston Drive, Berkhamsted


What will it do for me?

♥ release tension and blocks in the body

♥ help to quieten the mind

♥ allow you to be calmer and more peaceful with your relatives

♥ help you to be more intentional in your approach to your loved ones

What do I have to do?

come to the centre in relaxed clothes. bring a blanket, a bottle of water, an open mind + a pen + paper.

If you’re ready to enjoy your festive season, say yes now.


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