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Are you tired of feeling stressed out or anxious? Do you rush through life without really enjoying it?

Are you always the one looking after other people and not making time for yourself? Do you set goals and then never get around to them? Or perhaps you never even get around to setting them?

It’s ok, love. The Happiness Library is here to help YOU. Welcome to your happiness resources to make positive change in your life today.

Raeeka is a truly gifted person, full of love and positivity. I am enjoying the HL so much. You cannot tell how peaceful and positive meditation will make you until you try it. Please continue to share this with others so we can all realise how blissful and filled with love and beautiful we all are.


Happiness Library member

We focus on one of my 12 areas of fulfilment each month so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed trying to tackle everything at once.

The resources in the Library and the friendly community will help you to:

  • Set goals and check in with them regularly to make them happen
  • De-stress using meditation and kundalini yoga techniques
  • Build supportive relationships others who are experiencing similar challenges
  • Slow down and be more present in life while still getting things done
  • Create time for you that helps you be a better person in all aspects of your life
  • Incrementally and gently improve your life in a stress-free way

Raeeka’s kundalini yoga videos are just fantastic! My spine feels more relaxed in just 1 session. I use the breathing she teaches when I need help keeping things in perspective.


Happiness Library member

Each month you’ll receive:

  • a kundalini yoga / meditation video related to the theme to practice
  • a themed audio guided meditation to help you relax / set your intentions
  • a podcast from me sharing tips and tricks on the theme
  • invitation to join our themed book club each month so we can grow and learn together
  • support in setting your intentions for the month’s theme and check-in’s and celebrations to help you make them happen

The materials build up over time (like a library!), so you can come back to any video, podcast, meditation or e-book anytime you like. You pay the same annual membership fee each year, while Library grows in value and resources every month. There are currently 50+ kundalini yoga videos, audio meditations, podcasts and e-books (including my Be Fulfilled intention setting & manifesting workbook) in the Library making it worth well over $1,000. You can access the material on the Happiness Library membership website page AND/OR app on your mobile device for easy access.

The Library also includes these comprehensive workbooks:

  • Break Free From Social Media Addiction – your guide to letting go to your addiction
  • Be Fulfilled – an intention setting guide supporting you to craft a more meaningful life
  • The Secrets to Getting Organised and Calm – a breakdown of the system I have used for 15+ years to get organised once and for all
  • Bliss Bundle – A day retreat for morning mojo, midday mellow and evening unwind.

Ready to say YES to being a bliss-seeker? Jump on the joy ride with me.

Why work with me?

I’ve been there, sweet one. With 10 years + experience in the corporate world, I know what it’s like to burn out. I have been at rock bottom, stressed out, sad and feeling trapped.

I found my way back to myself with kundalini yoga, meditation and intention setting. I played around with these until I created a method for a more blissful life that is accessible and gentle. After using my self-crafted method for 15 years I realised how powerful it was and that it needed to be shared with the world. That’s what the Happiness Library is and why even though it’s worth $1,000+ and will continue to gain more value over time – I’m keeping it at an affordable annual price.

The Happiness Library and Raeeka’s process have even helped me go from not having a date night with my husband in 2.5 years to finally having a blissful date together at last!


Happiness Library member



Why is the membership price the amount it is?  Because I want to make it as affordable as possible. The material in the Library is worth 10x the annual membership already. With new programmes being added every month this is a huge bargain. You will be grandfathered in at the $147 per year / $ 80 per 6 months / $45 per 3 months  price point when you renew your membership each year, even if prices increase in the future. If your membership lapses, however, you will be asked to pay whatever the current membership price is.

How long does my membership last? Your membership lasts for twelve, six or three months depending on your payment option. Your membership begins when you join and continues for 12, 6 or 3 months depending on which you signed up for. So for example, if you join on February 14th 2017 for a year, your membership expires + is up for renewal on February 14th 2018.

Who can join? Membership is open to anyone 18 + above. It is available to both men and women.

What is your refund policy? Please note there are NO refunds for memberships since it involves instant access to all of the membership materials.

What happens if I join part-way through a month? That’s not a problem as you’ll get access to all the Library material immediately via the membership page and app. You receive an email every week and the facebook group has a pinned post with all the current month’s material listed there so you can join in straight away.

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