Hi hot stuff,

Yes, you! It’s a month away from my birthday which has gotten me thinking about aging gracefully. I met a woman in her mid-80s over the weekend who had so much life in her, it was fantastic. It was a wedding so she was dressed up to the nines + really got involved in dancing + enjoying herself. She’s a great example of embracing your age + growing old with grace.

On the flipside, I have friends who are turning 40 who almost paralyse themselves with fear about their age. The celebration is minimal – they just want to get it over + done with + forgotten about.

I have always loved birthdays. I love + embrace a new number each year – although I am noticing it gets harder + harder to remember what my number actually is! ; ] I haven’t hit the 40 mark yet, so perhaps I’ll be less enthusiastic at that point – but I’m hoping to be like the glammed up 85 year old dancing happily.



I’m not judging here. People can handle this in whatever way suits them. I know that when we are faced with our own immortality, which the incrementing number reminds us of each year, it can be a scary thought. What would it mean to not be here anymore? What would it mean to be frail + unable to do things I can do right now?

The thing is, I don’t have the answers. So I let go of the questions.

The only thing I do truly have is each moment as it comes. I’m fairly certain that if I pay attention to as many of these moments as I can as they come, then one day I might be that 85 year old lady looking fabulous + living life. If I’m not around anymore, then at least I’ll have lived as many moments as I could to the full. I don’t think I could ask for more than that.

I invite you to celebrate + enjoy as many moments as you can.

To help you to do this + to celebrate my number going up in October  – I’m giving away 1 free copy of my Live Your Best Life E-Workbook which includes a bonus 30 minutes kundalini streamed online yoga video. The workbook helps you to find ways to love your mind, body + heart. It’s simple + gentle, but it can create positive shifts in your life.



To enter into the draw for this you just have to tell me how you feel about growing older + what’s the best way you have ever celebrated the unique-ness that is you for your birthday. If you haven’t done much to date, why not tell me about the ideal celebration you’d love to have next year:

You can do this in one of the following ways:

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Use this as an opportunity to tap into how you feel + then share how you celebrate being you. If you’re yet to do this then enjoy it as a creative exercise to help celebrate each moment that you are here, and each year that passes!

The winner will announced on 29th October!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love + Light,



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