Thank you so much for pre-ordering your 5 meditation bundle for the gray period of the planet, I can’t wait to share it with you.

You can find the links to all the videos here – do save them. You’ll be able to download them if you wish so you can use them offline

The password for each video is ‘grayperiod’

You’ll see the description of the meditation on the page too, with any mantras needed.

I have set up a private secret facebook group for people who purchase online classes from me, you can request to join here. I appreciate not everybody is into facebook so you don’t have to join, it just seems the best place at the moment for this kind of discussion.

Feel free to ask questions in the group and share your experiences. If you decide to do a 40 day (or longer) practice and you need accountability then do feel free to put a daily post in the group sharing what you practiced and how it was for you.

I will respond to your questions as quickly as I can, and you can also help each other. If you have suggestions or requests for future online trainings from me you can share them in there and I’ll look for any common themes and put together the most popular requests