Does any of this sound like you?

  • Finding it hard to deal with specific emotions such as anger, sadness or fear?
  • Want to experience emotional healing?
  • Looking for a path to more self-worth?
  • Struggling with healing a physical condition or finding relief from pain?
  • Getting stuck in unhelpful and addictive patterns, either physical or mental?
  • Find yourself using addictive substances (this includes caffeine and alcohol!) to balance your energy?

Gong therapy is a healing tool to support your journey through these challenges.


How does it work?

Healing is the restoration of natural balance and flow or energy in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense. Health is the natural state for all of us, so when our energy is out of balance or lacking we are not in a state of good health.  In yoga we call this energy / life force – prana.

The gong has been used for hundreds of years with yogic techniques for healing purposes and to revitalise our energy balance / prana. The sound current and vibration and balance the nervous and glandular systems and facilitate emotional healing. For those seeking a more spiritual connection it can also help us detach from the pressure of the mind and connect to our intuition.

Prior to the session: evaluation of your specific requirements via a questionnaire and telephone call if required

During the session (1 hour):

  • Check in: To see how you are feeling today and discuss your goal
  • Preparation & initiation: A range of carefully selected breath work, affirmations and postures may be used to prepare your body & mind for the transformational healing of the gong. These will be aligned to support the individualised goal of your healing and suit the capabilities of your body. Duration: 7-15 minutes as required
  • Gong playing: Session designed to adjust the balance of your energy and mind to suit your goal. May involve lying down or sitting up depending on the goal of the session. Duration: 7 – 30 minutes as required.
  • Integration: Peace and relaxation followed by gentle discussion around your experience to allow you to integration and process it.
  • Close & follow up: Depending on your specific needs you may only need or be called to one gong healing session or you may like to follow up and work more deeply or on a different topic in the future.

The gong healing session was perfect. I have been experiencing pain in my knees for some time and I could feel the energy flowing through my body after this support, so I hope it will support the healing process.


Once you’ve made payment you’ll be redirected to my schedule to book your 60 minute session.

Any issues please email info@lovemindbodyheart.com

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