Although they are becoming increasingly more mainstream, a gong bath is often something that people haven’t experienced.

So what is a gong bath?

Don’t think of a dinner gong. A gong played in a meditative setting is an instrument that enables you break down the obsessions of the ego. The sound current and vibrations can literally make the cells in your body vibrate so that you experience a cleansing process.

It’s also pretty hard for the monkey mind to go into overdrive while you experience the gong, as the sound is not repetitive. It keeps your mind present and also enables you to experience deep relaxation.

Interestingly, some people can experience different emotions to the gong. Some find themselves resisting it’s sounds and that their bodies tense up. This is OK, and is something you can work on with practice. The idea is to continually allow yourself to relax on the exhale, but if you continue to experience resistance, that’s OK and usually means there i is something we need to let go of.

Similarly some people can find themselves emotional after listening to the gong and experience a shift or release which might make them cry. This is fine and is part of the process, again it can mean an experience of release is needed.

If you have an opportunity experience gong relaxation then I’d highly recommend you try it out. One gong along is very powerful but having the opportunity experience a bath where multiple gongs are being played is a magical experience. For those of you who are local to Berkhamsted or Tring, I run gong workshops regularly there.


I’d love to hear about your experience or any questions you have about the gong!

Love light Raeeka (1)

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Berkhamsted and Tring gong workshops.

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