This is some people’s complete and utter nightmare. It was for me, a few years ago. My one cup of coffee a day had escalated into several, not to mention the Diet Cokes I was regularly consuming.

But one morning after a particularly vigorous yoga set – I finally decided that I didn’t want to be artificially stimulated with caffeine anymore. So I went cold turkey – and 8 months later here I am, still caffeine free & not looking back. So here’s some advice & a heads up for anybody who is thinking about going caffeine free for any amount of time.

What happens to you when first you give up caffeine

  • Within 24-48 hours if you are used to a relatively high dose of caffeine on a daily basis – you will get a horrendous headache. Sit it out. It’ll pass within a couple of days.
  • You start wanting to go to bed at ridiculous times like 8pm because your body has been so overstimulated on caffeine that you had no concept of how much sleep you actually need. You’ve been masking it with caffeine.
  • You might have an urge to binge on other foods or drinks. I allowed myself to do this figuring that it would pass, and it did.

What happens to you a few weeks down the line

  • You don’t get¬†those energy¬†highs and lows that caffeine brings
  • You sleep the amount you actually need to and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Your digestive system loves you – caffeine inhibits digestion
  • Your teeth are better off without the regular stain or acidity or coffee, tea and fizzy cola
  • You generally feel awesome!

I hoped this helped if you were thinking about it, or if you’re inspired to try – good luck!

With Love & Light,




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