Dear ones,

I sometimes get stuck in a rut. We all do.

For me, a rut is a creative dry spell. I’m all out of love + ideas. I just feel like letting life pass me by. Nothing grabs me.

The nice thing about a rut is that it’s like a meditation. If you sit in it + really be present in it, you can do some fantastic learning. You might not feel like it, but if you embrace your rut you’ll come out even better on the other side.

I am in a constant struggle to gain work/life balance. I work full time + then I come home + I teach yoga, work on my online community or write to you here. As much as I love this space with you, it’s still work. It’s still something to worry about if I am getting enough people to my yoga classes or if I have to write a blog post that allows me to promote my events + online offerings. I’m being totally honest about it now. I love it to pieces, but it’s still work. My average work day lasts around 11 hours if I combine my two jobs together. 5-6 days a week if not 7.

So sometimes in the quiet moments when I’m not sure how many people are reading, listening or buying into what I say after a long day at the day job – I fall into a rut.

I kind of love my ruts. I sleep more. I eat more freely. I enjoy being where I am without that urge to move forwards. I wonder if I’ll spend the rest of my life gently floating as if in some kind of encased floatation tank, waiting for nothing.

Then, out of nowhere, inspiration strikes. Once I’ve given myself the space + love + gentleness that is required. I get a little jolt of excitement. My fingers literally start tingling when I have a new idea. I am ready to get back into the world with love in my heart.

So how about embracing your rut if you’re in one? Give yourself gentleness + kindness. Be quiet. Go within. Ask yourself what makes you truly happy + see what truths come forward.

In my latest period of this I realised (as I do over + over again) that I just long to love others. I love to cherish our humanity + our wonderfulness. I want to celebrate others + be celebrated.

So then I just asked myself, why don’t I just do that? Why don’t I do something that allows me to do that with no strings attached. No need to make money. No agenda. Simply celebrating others.


+ then I came to this idea of A Love Letter To. I love to write love letters. These little notes to you are baby love letters.  So what if I could write love letters to all the kinds + types of people out there in the world. What if I could write love letters to nurses + firefighters, teachers + doctors or lawyers. What if I could write love letters to people who pick up rubbish that doesn’t belong to them or return wallets to rightful owners. What if I could just tell you all how much I love you individually in your own unique way + encourage people simply to connect to that sensation with themselves or use my love letters to say things they don’t know how to say.

So that’s what A Love Letter To is going to be all about. I’ve only just bought a domain name + I’ve barely started the facebook page but it’s there. It’s throbbing away in my little heart with determination. I will celebrate you – without an agenda or any expectations. I will celebrate you because you deserve to be celebrated + so do I.

If you’re moved, feel free to follow the page. The whole project will begin to come together soon.

+ if nothing else, embrace your ruts. To have light, we must have darkness. To come up, we must know what it means to be down. To give wholeheartedly + deeply we must know what it means to long to be given to + cared for. Embrace your ruts, they might be the root or starting point of the best thing you ever do.

This is my love letter to you.

Love light Raeeka (1)



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