Need a way to wind down in the evening?

Looking for some inner peace and focusing the monkey mind?


In 60 mins I’ll take you from stressed out to chilled out.

Join my monthly Chanting and Relaxation workshop

Sunday 22nd April, 7-8pm

Lovemindbodyheart Studio, Gaveston Drive, Berkhamsted

What will it do for me?

♥ help to quieten the mind

♥ allow you to be calmer and more peaceful

♥ help you to de-stress + sleep better


What do I have to do?

come to the centre in relaxed clothes. bring a blanket, a bottle of water + an open mind.

please bring a yoga mat if you have one, there are a few to borrow.

pillows and blocks are provided, if you have anything at home you like to sit on then please bring it.


If you’re ready to relax and let go of your monkey mind, then say yes NOW.

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