Hello dearests,

As somebody who has subscriptions to online accountability + online + face to face personal development groups – I’ve been thinking recently about the value of the network and people you have around you. It doesn’t really matter whether you are somebody who prefers to spend time talking to others face to face, online or some combination of both – simply having a network of like-minded people to support us can make the difference. This is particularly relevant if the people currently closest to you don’t necessarily have the same goals.


Surround yourself with people who will elevate you.


Everybody needs a supportive group of people to help them along their way. Whether that’s to ‘woohoo!’ when things have gone well, or give you a kick up the bum or a hug when they haven’t – none of us can work entirely in isolation.

I’m a member of two online accountability groups + I run a couple myself. I’m in one for my business which has really helped me to focus my goals. I’ve only been in the group about a year + a half but I’ve made huge strides in my business that I don’t think I otherwise would have made. I’m also a member of a group that focuses on food for pleasure, not as an emotional response. This is super interesting because when you feel that urge to binge (which has almost totally disappeared for me now), you remember the group – you remember the supportive words – you can even post it in to share how you feel so you don’t go + eat the entire contents of your cupboard!



I recently set up a local inspiration group on meetup precisely because I want to bring more people into my life who want to share inspiring stories.

As my unwittingly-wise 2 year old cousin once said – “People are people. They need people.”

I invite you to start thinking about the people around you – online + off. Have you surrounded yourself with people who can support you to achieve your goals? Do you have people around you who say YES + get excited for you when you aim for the stars? Or are you mostly socialising with people who don’t encourage you very much?




Your perspective can shift a little just by consciously bringing more people that elevate you or that you aspire to be like into your life. Don’t hesitate to open up your world. It’ll open your heart, darling. It might change or save your life.

Thank you for letting me be one of your people!


Obviously if you are reading this you, particularly if you’re on the mailing list, you have made an active decision to let me be one of the people in your life. I aspire to elevate you + help you to see that everything you want + need, you are already have + are. You just need to access it. + I know you can do it.


With that in mind I just wanted to remind you to check out my Happiness Library if you want more support crafting your meaningful, joyful & spiritual life with kundalini yoga, meditation and my very own tried and tested intention setting methods to create a life you love.


Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to shine your light, darling. Life’s too short not to live to your full potential.
Love + Light,




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