Hello sweet one,

It’s April and it’s time to start our free kundalini┬ámeditation challenge aligned with this month’s theme which is HOME.

If you’ve been meaning to get into meditation for a while then this will be perfect for you, it’s a meditation we often give to beginners to help them get started. It helps you to develop focus while also maintaining a sweet balance. We could all use a little more focus and a little more sweetness in our lives. Practice this every day for at least 3 minutes (or try the full 11), and then see what ideas you have to make your home a more sacred + sweet space. Meditation has a habit of making us more creative + open so I’m sure it will spark some sweet ideas to make your home a lovely sanctuary.







Join us in the bliss-seekers group to share how you get on with this meditation and ideas for focusing on HOME this month.

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