Blissful Life Yoga

Kundalini yoga
to transform
your life

“Is this it? Is this all that life is?”

Stressing over deadlines at work. Anxiety about life and relationships at home. Rushing from one task to another every. Single. Day. Rarely laughing. Not ever feeling like your life is enough… like you are enough… even though you’re trying sooo hard at everything that sucks your time and energy away.

Your soul calls for you to do something, ANYTHING to make a change. You’ve really tried to explore some options in your life. You’ve tried yoga, meditation, journaling and maybe even intention setting, but it just feels like another thing to do on your looong list and you’re not really even sure how to keep it going in a way that actually fulfills you.

You think to yourself:

“Am I even doing this right?”
“I don’t have time for this.”
”Am I being really selfish to take time away from my family?”

Eventually, life drags you back into old habits and routines, or lack thereof.

You feel like someone just needs to give you permission to really, truly be happy. Permission to take time for your life. To get rid of the anxiety, fear and stress so that you can live a more joyful life.

You’re ready for Blissful Life Yoga

Unlike so many other methods of self discovery, Blissful Life Yoga gives you gradual, stress-free self development – rather than feeling like you’re
drinking from a firehose of knowledge and change.

(of course, if firehose drinking is your game of choice and you LOVE to take in and implement things fast, you can totally do that too!)

You can decide on your goals, reflect on what you’d like to achieve and then use the resources and ask questions to get yourself closer to that goal in your own time.

You get to decide how ambitious you want to be! If you want to use all of the content every month or just one item at a time to focus on, it’s all up to you.

What is Blissful Life Yoga?

I totally get where you are right now because I slaved away for over 10 years in the corporate world in a job that was just “meh”. I remember exactly how I felt that day that I totally crashed and burned out. I’ve been the girl on the
bathroom floor- at rock bottom, stressed out, sad… feeling trapped and alone.

The good news is that I pulled myself up off of that floor and decided to make changes, having no idea what they were, but knowing that something had to give.

I researched and, after a bit of trial-and-error, I found a few things that really changed my life in a hugely impactful way.

Kundalini yoga, meditation and
intention setting. HUGE.

I played around with these three things until I had created a specific system for a more blissful life for myself that actually felt in complete alignment. After using my method for over 15 years, I realised how powerful it was and that it needed to be shared with people just like you who are looking for something… anything to change those
“I want to escape my life” or “something’s missing” thoughts.

That’s what Blissful Life Yoga is. Simple methods and tools that are proven to create more bliss in your life.

We focus on one of the 12 areas of fulfilment each month so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed trying to tackle everything at once (unless you want to).


Each month you’ll receive:


  • A kundalini yoga / meditation video related to the theme to practice
  • A themed guided meditation to help you relax and set your intentions
  • A special podcast from me sharing tips and tricks
  • An invitation to join our themed book club each month so we can grow and learn together
  • Support in our private group, setting your intentions for the month and check-in’s and
    accountability to help you make them happen!

The fun part is that your resources build up over time (like a library!), so you can come back to any video, podcast, meditation or e-book anytime you like. There are currently 50+ kundalini yoga videos, audio meditations, podcasts and e-books (including my Be Fulfilled intention setting & manifesting workbook) in the Library making it worth over $1200!

You can access the life changing resources in Blissful Life Yoga on your computer AND/OR our app on your mobile device for easy access and get direct, ONE ON ONE support from me in our private FB group

The Library also includes these comprehensive workbooks:

  • Break Free From Social Media Addiction – your guide to letting go of your phone
  • Be Fulfilled – an intention setting guide supporting you to craft a life of more meaning
  • The Secrets to Getting Organized and Calm – Systems and strategies to let go of the STUFF and feel more calm
  • Bliss Bundle – Ready for a whole-day retreat to get yourself into a state of bliss? This e-book will re-align you with kundalini yoga, meditation and gratitude practices.

Imagine in just a few days of using the Blissful Life Yoga… you could be on of the cusp of true, lifetime happiness.


You’ll experience your life in a way you only dreamed of when you’re finally setting goals, getting accountability, using meditation and Kundalini yoga to de-stress, building supportive relationships in our community, becoming more present and finally creating time for you.

Imagine allowing yourself this gift of feeling like a more whole human in all aspects of your life… and how you’ll show up in your relationship with your partner, your kids, your work and everywhere in your life as a result.

You deserve it. Everyone around you deserves it… and the time is now.

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email from the payment provider followed by a separate email from me shortly afterwards with your login details.

What is your happiness worth to you?


Now is your time to feel alive and lit up in all aspects of your life. Choose your membership and let’s get you on the path to freedom,
joy and a more meaningful life.

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