The gong is an ancient instrument of healing and transformation. Multiple tones and overtones build as it is played, creating layers of sounds which can be directly felt by those experiencing it.

Physically, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body and stimulates the glandular, nervous and circulation system. It also increase our prana, our life force.

Mentally and emotionally it helps to quieten the mind. The gong is said to cut through the ego, leaving a person to be their authentic self. It can help us to come into our neutral, meditative mind.

It’s essential to experience a period of relaxation before listening to the gong – so that the body, mind and heart are open to the transformative experience. This can be done by listening to singing bowls, or just having a talk through relaxation of the whole body. This then allows the gong to shatter the ego rather than be confronted by it – and bring us down to our essential self, our true selves. After listening to gong, there should be a period of silent relaxation to give the recipients time to integrate ands tay present to the effects.

I If you’d like to experience gong, check out my workshops page for the next gong relaxation.


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