Often in the rat race of life (if this is how we allow ourselves to perceive it) we can feel as though there isn’t time to be creative. Some of us lose touch with our creativity entirely, almost to the point that we forget as human beings we need to be creative.


In yogic philosophy the energy within the body comes from a creative source of the infinite. In order to feel connected to everything (which we already are and always will be!) we need to tap into that creative consciousness. We need to get into FLOW. You know that feeling you get when you’re doing something you enjoy + time passes really fast? That’s flow. That’s riding the wave of the universe’s infinite creative energy.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

How can I become creative – Clothing

Your clothes are an expression of yourself every day. You don’t have to choose wacky + wild colours if you don’t want to, but why not take the opportunity each day to play with + be creative with your clothes? Express your personality. You don’t need lots of money to do this, just play around with what you already have. Maybe you can alter something or mix and match to express yourself differently in your style.


How can I become creative – Eating

Oh, my favourite. Eating. Why not get creative with your meals? Again, this doesn’t have to be laborious or costly but why not try a creative clean-the-fridge meal every week? See what you can make from your left overs or spare items. You might surprise yourself.


How can I become creative – Home

Your home is another place you can express yourself. Maybe you want to re-visit the energy or feeling in a room and change that with different colours or style of decoration. Pinterest is littered with DIY projects that can be fun and simple to do and help you bring more creativity and your own personal style into your home.

In reality the answer to how can I become creative, is I already am. I always will be. It’s the pure nature of being human. We have creative energy running through our physical bodies. It’s the energy and spark of the universe.


So why not find a way to express it?

I’d love to know how you are expressing your creativity! Feel free to hop into my FREE Bliss-Seekers group and share away. Feel to introduce yourself + jump right in, everybody is super friendly + we cover every topic related to bliss-seeking in the group.


If you’re still feeling stuck, why not share why?

Ask yourself, how would I like to be more creative? What 1 thing could I do / do I need help with to be more creative? Hop into the group and share your question + ask for support. I’ll be in there to help you out as will others. We’d love you to join us on our joy ride.

Love light Raeeka (1)


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P.P.S. If you are local to Berkhamsted why not try something totally new to get your creative energy flowing? Sign up for my next workshops or courses.




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