Dear special you,

I know how easy it is to get distracted + unfocused in this busy, busy world. Probably in the time you’ve read this sentence your mind has already wandered at least once. Naughty little monkey mind. Stay with me, dearheart! I have some tips for you. Let’s be more focused together.

We all know that if we are more PRESENT in our every day experience that we will be happier. You can tell this by looking at young children. They are never anywhere but exactly where they are right then. They are totally + utterly + unashamedly present in the moment + completely fascinated by what they are doing.


But how?

It seems really hard at times to live in the present moment. We have one worry or another nagging away at us, gradually grinding away until our existence is just a string of mindless thought after mindless thought – worry after worry.


Overcoming the monkey mind


This is your opportunity to really commit to being more present. Have you TRULY had enough of wasteful worry, distraction + stress? If you don’t really mean it – you may as well stop reading here. If you do, then take a moment to say outloud to yourself I WANT TO BE HAPPIER. I WANT TO BE MORE PRESENT. I WANT TO EXPERIENCE LIFE TO THE FULL.

Good pep talk, right?

You are in control of your own destiny. Choose to make a change NOW. Let’s get started.



Choose a time that works for you – often first thing in the morning is best. Choose a ritual: go for a walk, have a healthy breakfast, meditate (use one of my videos!) or practice yoga.


Express gratitude. Set yourself a gratitude alarm at least twice a day. When the alarm goes pause. Take a deep breath in + out through your nose. Smile. Express gratitude for 1 thing – write it down or say it outloud. Be grateful.


We live in an age of technology distractions. Give yourself one afternoon every now + then (or better, a day!) without them. Turn your TV, computer + your phone off. Read. Walk. Cook. Enjoy your activity to the full without the digital distractions.


STOP doing multiple things at once. Stop watching TV + texting on your phone at the same time. Stop eating dinner + watching your shows. Enjoy your meal + every single taste. When you are working, just work on one task at a time. Close your e-mails if you’re writing a document. When you are doing the washing up – just do the washing up. Focus on cleaning every single item to your best ability. Concentrate. Just. Do. One. Thing. Really absorb yourself in it.

Live your life, sweet ones – one moment at a time. Commit to trying at least one of these tips this week. Keep a Presence Diary at the end of the each day + reflect on what has worked for you.

Love + Light to you + your focused little hearts,

Raeeka xo

P.S if you want to make meditation your daily ritual, try out one of my free videos!


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